Sweden’s Henrik Meierkord‘s main instrument is the cello, which defines most of the atmospheres of his music. But he also masters the viola, double bass, guitar, other instruments, and is no stranger to incorporating electronics either. His knowledge enables him to create a well-balanced combination of neo-classical music and atmospheric ambient, drawing ‘as much from ambient music’s meditative qualities as they do from humanity’s rich history of classical styles’.

Meierkord has released 9 solo albums until now (Kval from 2021 being the latest), but he also frequently appears on compilation albums and in many collaboration projects (such as A Black Tape For A Blue Girl and Aarktica).

Four of the 10 tracks are ‘Cello Ambient Improvisations’, and the others have titles like Mitthavet (Mediterranean Sea), Våren Står På Lut (Spring Is In The Air), Doppelgänger, Sarabande, and Danza. Ranging from solo cello to (almost) entirely electronic, Zeitreisen is a perfect album to demonstrate what Meierkord is capable of.

‘Understated and graceful, the beautiful and mysterious string-fused soundscapes find emotional stimuli and tension within a melancholic soul’.

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